Monday, July 21, 2014

Salfies of the 4 of us

Crazy selfie pictures of Mom, Grace, Alena, Michael.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pirates and Princess

Last week on the 2nd of June our day started off with a dentist cleaning everyone walked out with no cavities. Mike wanted to go watch a movie so we took the kids to see Maleficent down in Farmington station our show started at 4:15 so we walked our for a little bit we could tell something was going to go on since they had a lot of tents set up. The kids really liked watching Maleficent it was a good movie. When we walked out we noticed Pirates and Princess were going on so we let the kids play a few games and stood in line to get pictures with the Princesses. We could not get Michael to get in any pictures he did not even want any pictures with the which I was bumped about. The girls were so happy to see the princesses pirates

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter at Flaming Gorge

This year for Easter we took a trip to Flaming Gorge with Mike's Family. We left on Friday the 18th and made the drive we arrived around 7 George and Trish were not there so we walked around until they came back from dinner. we started a fire ate dinner and waited for Grandma and Papa to come since the girls were sleeping with them in the trailer. Mike and me and Michael was sleeping in with George and Trish. Grandma and Papa arrived around 9pm they got the trailer parked and we started to unload the girls sleeping bags. We put the kids to bed and then the adult sat around the fire just talking. Sat we woke up ate breakfast and got ready to go fishing this is a big deal for Mike's family they go to the Gorge every year for Easter, they always have a contest to see who catches the biggest fish and the most. The weather was great nice and warm some wind so every now and then it would get cold it did rain but overall it was good weather. George, Trish, Me, Grace, Raygen and Georgie went out on the boat to try some fishing well we had no luck on the boat. Everyone else that stayed on the shore were catching fish like crazy. We brought the boat in so Mike and Alena could go out on the boat and the boat stopped working so we had to pull the boat on the ramp in the pouring rain. After it was all on the trailer and covered it started right up crazy. So we all started to fish from the shore I caught a fish. Grace caught two fish Papa caught two fish Michael help bring in some fish and Alena helped bring some fish in also. Grace ended up catching the biggest fish that day but everyone was still trying to beat her. Easter Sunday the 20th we had an egg hunt with the eggs the kids colored for the Easter bunny to hide for them. Trish and I went and hid the plastic eggs and the kids went and found them. We then headed out to fish again. Took the boat out again this time there was George, Mike, Me, Michael and Alena on the boat. As we were out in the water away from everyone George asked me to kill it so I turned off the key when I should not have then the boat would not start back up. After using the patrol motor for awhile George looked and the gear was in neutral which it would not start so he put it in park and it started right up I felt so terrible. As we were fishing Mike and George had there polls out and all of a sudden the boat started to go in circle it was so scary come to find out the fishing like was wrapped around the front and back motors and so we had to get it all untangled it was super scary. We made it back to shore and finished fishing Grace caught two more fish which put her at 4 all total other caught some also I caught one also so that was two for me. We had to leave that night so we had the award ceremony before we left Grace won the biggest fish and the most fish contest. Papa made such a big event out of it, it made it a lot of fun everyone received a participation bunny.

Grace driving the boat.
Grace's catch of the day

 Mike eating fish eggs

Mike eating a fish heart

Grace's fish 20 inches long
Michael shooting the BB gun
 Michael driving the boat
 Michael getting his bunny
 Rayen getting her bunny
Ready for the egg hunt
Alena getting her bunny 
 Grace getting her bunny for biggest fish
 Braxton getting his fish
 Georgie getting his fish
 The grandkids
 The grandkids with Grandma and Papa
 The parents and the kids

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Disney on Ice

Wow its been awhile since I have blogged a lot has happened but I have been very busy. We took the kids to Disney on Ice on March 8th. We rode down on tracks the kids always love riding the train. Here are a few pictures from our fun night. The theme was Rock'n ever after. It was so much fun the kids loved it. We then walked around gateway for a little bit then went and got back on the tracks to head home for dinner.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Animal Days

We took the kids to baby animal days in Kaysville on May 11th. They love seeing baby animals.